Share our passion to inspire and innovate

Partner with us and get the best in mobile application development. The flourishing nature of our business along with our 10+ years experience, we have the perfect combination of experience, knowledge and constant supplementation of our skills.

This amalgamation results in innovative and pragmatic solutions which help clients stay on par with the fast changing market trends. We provide solutions through the entire process of creating a mobile application, from conceptualization to implementation and promotion on various platforms which include Android, iOS, HTML5, PHP and .Net.

Unleashing our ability to augment your technology needs

With the proficiency across various aspects of the IT sphere, we provide technological support for various needs. We recognize what it takes to develop, implement, operate and maintain a ReDIM™ solution and that is why we have created an integrated support system to be with you through each step of the project. Our experts even provide personalized training and on-site consultation.

Using revolutionary technology we test the boundaries of technology, providing tailored solutions to suit the application needs and its operating environment. We provide the best solutions and supporting infrastructure for the toughest business challenges.

Our operating model is a combination of open source and proprietary platforms like .Net, Adobe Flash Player etc, enabling us to provide flexible and adaptable solutions.

We provide support 24x7 for your technological needs. We are the technology partner you have been waiting for.

Where all your information is in one place, a reliable place

Obtain our SAS certified cloud management services. With our cloud services you won’t have to worry about loss of data or any obstacles in your business. Back-up and store information in our reliable data center. Our data duplication features reduces the time of recovery in case of data loss.

That’s not all we offer. Read below more benefits:

  • Protect data from deletion, disasters and spying and other threats.

  • Eliminate email disasters with cloud email services.

  • Secure network manager.

  • Reduce backup time from hours to minutes.

  • Increase storage.

  • Personalized data recovery options.

  • Bare-Metal restore option for fast recovery of large files.

  • API for application integration.

Experts are the backbone of everything we do. We bring them closer to you.

ReDIM™ has an Onsite Development Center, which means that clients with specific IT services request can now actively participate with our on-site consultants. Our competent resources visit clients in their location with the aim to collaborate with them and provide solutions which fulfill the necessary requirements. All our solutions are performance enhancing and profitable which are combined with the latest technology to provide automated and turnkey products.

Our goal is to provide clients with the necessary means to stay competitive in the market, providing them with an improved and stable environment to operate in.

Transform your business with the millennial way of life

With 80% of the world’s population having access to mobile phones, it is safe to assume that mobile phones have become a large part of the way we live. For that reason, it has become a powerful tool for any business.

Our mobile consultants help you become a part of this flexible and on-the-move environment by providing the following services:Strategy formation, appropriate platform determination, outlining the development process, efficient implementation and reliable support infrastructure. These services are supported on the iOS and Android platforms.

iOS Apps

At ReDIM™, our iOS experts help plan, design, develop and implement mobile solutions, specially customized for the iPhone. With our creative skills and in-depth technology know-how we provide application development services with premium display that will leave you in awe.

It’s not only about application development, it’s about transforming your ideas into reality.

Android Apps

Leverage the skills and experience of our Android experts to solve your software challenges. Whether you are looking to represent your idea as an application or integrate your web app with a mobile device, our professionals will guide you to ensure that it best suites your business needs while improving your market position.

We continually elevate our skills in the latest technological changes. This competence lets us develop application customized for your business.

Expand your infrastructure with global strategies

Our extensive knowledge and experience in IT lets us build and manage the most complex IT infrastructure. We assure you that your IT infrastructure enables your operations to be scalable and flexible.

At ReDIM™, our aim is to make sure that you are always ready by focussing on developing tailored IT infrastructure solutions so that you can forecast future trends and unleash your maximum potential rapidly.

Our services include:

  • Content Delivery Network - Our global strategy on content delivery network allows business to deliver high quality content faster and consistently.
  • Gaming Delivery Network - We provide businesses with an adaptable GDN which has been designed with the view of enhancing gamer's experience, be it online games or downloadable games, while proving to be valuable to the game providers.
  • Data centre management - Our data centre expertise is directed towards supporting you in your endeavour offering security, flexibility and dependability.
  • Server management - The performance of the key IT infrastructure, the server, is vital for any business. Our vast server management services offer comprehensive coverage of all the related activities like, network performance monitoring, data management, server migration, etc.

Experience our extensive, worldwide IT infrastructure services.

We don't compromise on our quality. why would we let you?

Our testing services provide comprehensive IT testing services to help you move closer to your target customers. With technology becoming an extensive element for every business, it is vital to ensure that it is in line with the modern technology landscape and of the highest industry standards.

How we do it

  • Test Consulting
    Our testing consultants develop a testing strategy that best suits your business requirements to ensure that the right combination of applications and technological products are in place to keep up with the latest trends adopted by your customers.

  • Quality Engineering Services
    We don’t just provide a one-time testing service. We understand the changing technological environment and undertake continuous testing to improve features and experiences.

How you will benefit

  • Reduce defects.

  • Better quality products.

  • Long term cost benefits.

  • Overall performance improvement.

"Quality is never an accident, it is the result of Intelligent Effort"

Every business has challenges that impend their success. To highlight on few:

  • Comply with Customer, Business, Statutory and Regulatory norms.
  • Optimize on operations there by measuring their values in terms of objectives.
  • Enable to reduce risk by proactive thinking
  • And most importantly,

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction there by increase the revenue

We offer trainings on

  • Internal Auditor Programs for ISO 9001:2015.

  • Internal Auditor Programs for ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

  • Internal Auditor Programs for ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011.

  • Metrics and Measurements.

  • Configuration Management System.

  • QC Tools & Testing Methodologies.

How you will benefit

We assure you that your employees will talk the “Process Language” and there by enhance customer satisfaction.

A clearly defined Management System helps the Organization to meet these business challenges by inculcating best practices from the industry/market and there by show continuous improvements in terms of Maturity.

How we do it

We can help you achieve your goal with our professional team who have 15+ years of industry experience in defining, implementing, training and taking organization to next levels of Certification.

Services Offered

Our professional team is headed by Lead Auditor in 3 standards of ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 – Information Technology Service Management Who will define, implement and train teams based on the Gap Analysis performed.

Taking you live to your gamer's home

The excitement around casino games is increasing exponentially, especially online. ReDIM™ provides an innovative solution of enabling you to provide your players with live dealer casino games regardless of wherever they are.

Taking the Games Live

Studio setup

We establish a live dealer platform by setting up the highest quality cameras and broadcasting devices, with the fastest streaming services, in our partnering casinos. With the feature manipulation engine (FME), data from the casino can be broadcasted to all the players at once, while the rotating camera gives an out of the screen experience.

Network Installations

We design and execute a robust network to ensure that a competitive online gaming engine is established. Our experts also integrate a disaster recovery and data centre management services to ensure a hassle free experience for the casinos and players.

The network installation process begins with providing suitable PCs, connecting them to a server and establishing firewall, VPN and load balancers. A reliable router is secured with the best quality cables and switches.

Software installation

Once the network is installed the software installation phases commences, which is a vital stage as it will determine the experience of the players and game hosts through network monitoring, content monitoring and application monitoring.

During this stage, multiple fraud detection systems like player management system and agent management system, are established and integrated with 3rd party sites to for user interface, backend and payment gateways.